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Liberal Arts Meet Software Engineering

Pretty Good Product page via Garrison Keillor - screenshotGarrison Keillor’s regular joke about English majors is mostly spot on. But there may be some exceptions that he is overlooking.

Someone at the high profile brand Samsung has recognized the fact. In a post on Samsung Village, they write:

‘. . .We believe the most innovative software can be developed by someone who’s able to think out of the box, even someone who is a total stranger to engineering. Without any fixed ideas or stereotypes, wouldn’t you be able to imagine and create almost anything? That’s why we came up with a special recruiting program called the ‘Samsung Convergence Software Academy.’ Going beyond finding people who are already software experts, we decided to recruit university graduates, who have majored in liberal arts and with little knowledge in engineering, and help them become software experts!

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Knowledge Gigs Sans Knowledge Support

They used to be called white collar jobs. At some point the concept shifted to “knowledge worker,” though that idea seems to have lost some of its luster. Regardless, apart from maximizing earning potential, the goal of a college education — or that of  other time-intensive learning endeavors — is to land a position in a knowledge worker profession. In principle, such jobs are less likely to be automated out of existence, or to drift offshore to lower cost labor markets. But who is rating those prospective job opportunities on their true knowledge orientation? For a time, we did.

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