There was much to do: sun to put up, clouds to put out, blue to install, limbs to remove, grass to implant.
-From "Thinking of Work" by James Shea

Expression of gratitude from coworkers endure beyond labor’s purpose.

We emblazon these comments in large font sizes out of pride, but remain humble. Most of the projects we have worked on included collaborators who surprised us with their good judgment, effective persuasion and ability to make difficult tradeoffs

  • Scott and his team developed a visualization system for multi-step vulnerability paths through cyber networks.

    This was a high-visibility project with a tight deadline. The problem domain involves advanced graph-based modeling of network attacks, with sophisticated algorithms and data structures. Scott worked independently, met our deadline, and delivered a fantastic system. We went on to publish our results in two papers, one with Scott as lead author. – LinkedIn Recommendation

    Steven Noel
    Lead Cyber Security Engineer at MITRE
  • A consistent source of wisdom and common sense in a meeting,

    Mark always sees the big picture very clearly.

    Photo of Claude Castille
    Claude Castille
    Senior Software Engineer, Google