Mining the Krypton Way

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    Artifact Integration

    Recommendations and suggestions are integrated with existing content platforms and systems already in place in the organization. When none are yet in place, we create local or cloud-based rapid deployment intranets to serve as repositories for those artifacts.

  • Eric Medina (West Chicago Community High School) and his mother Martina

    Cross-Domain Fertilization

    Concepts from one discipline can enrich perspectives in another. Starting with a deep understanding of analogy and metaphor in human cognition, existing frameworks can be enhanced while laying the foundation for new ways of thinking.

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    Taxonomies to Go

    Standardizing the way knowledge is tagged and structured within an organization is essential to predictable automation outcomes as well as reliable search results.

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    Realistic Information Assurance

    You can’t blame computer specialists for wanting to solve security and privacy issues with hardware- and software-based solutions. Unfortunately, the approach has serious limitations. An approach more similar to safety engineering is favored by Krypton. It’s worth learning about, especially if you do not have an unlimited budget for high end security solutions of undetermined value.


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Our Mission

To improve the practice of software engineering through the integration of ontologies and other knowledge-based practices.

To enhance enterprise productivity through workflow, process mining and other operational improvements.

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