Mark Underwood

CEO and Co-Founder

Co-founder Mark Underwood lists these lessons in his LinkedIn profile: Lessons from the wars: be an avid researcher, bookmarker, critic. Inhale the resources of professional associations. Avoid reinventing wheels and learning from the triumphs and humility of others. Follow the advice on his bumper sticker: Play more violin.

Underwood force-feeds recruiter search spiders with these tags:  “Knowledge Management, Software quality, CRM and knowledge sharing, Published author, Supply chain automation for SMB, Business Intelligence, Big Data security and privacy, Big Government IT (Past USN civil servant), Current US Secret Clearance.”


  • University of Arizona (BA)
  • Graduate Coursework at
    • Claremont Graduate University
    • Auburn University and
    • SUNY Empire State


  • National Endowment Summer Institute, 2010
  • Invent Foundation Science and Religion Award, 2007
  • National Endowment Seminar, 2002
  • Purdue University Fellowship, 1994-1995
  • Maxima cum Laude, Invent College, 1985

Areas of Expertise/Interest

  • Big Data
  • Technology support for pharmacy
  • Security and Privacy for Big Data
  • Intranets
  • Workflow automation
  • Domain specific languages
  • SDN for security
Mark Underwood
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